Well day 1 here at Calgary was not a pleasant one for most barrel racers.  Many of the girls didn’t even run their good horses in the competition, and those who did are more than likely not going to do so again unless ground conditions change dramatically.  2 horses went all the way down in their turn and 7 others slipped throughout the pattern.  Joleen Seitz and her horse were able to handle to unsafe conditions and were the round winners.  Congrats to that duo!!!


Stampede officials are supposed to be fixing the ground this morning…but there is possibly a conflict in how the barrel racers want the ground as opposed to how the chuckwagon racers want it.  We need it safe and they prefer it hard and fast and slick.  IT’s true that they turn a barrel in the infield at the start of the race, but they turn it starting from a stand still so the horses have no momentum built up slip around.  We turn our three barrels at a run, thus needing MUCH more traction in the dirt.  It’s all about safety for the barrel racers at this point, not about fast times.  Pretty much every horse running in the barrel race yesterday is worth well into the 6 figures, and we don’t want to risk their safety or our own.  The barrel race should be a race, not a contest to see who can stand up around the pattern.


On a lighter note, the weather was beautiful and being at the Stampede was every bit as exciting as I had hoped and expected!!!  I made sure that I got some mini donuts and that will be followed up by some pineapple whip ice cream today.  Have I mentioned yet how great the fair food is there???  I heard Taylor Swift is in concert tonight so you can imagine what a zoo it will be at Stampede throughout the day.  Yesterday’s rodeo crowd was a good one.  It’s always nice to see so much interest in our sport.  


Well, I’m off for now…I will report in later!