The second day of the Stampede is complete in books now.  I had a Northcott horse 215 Get Smart.  When I initially saw the draw last night I excited to get on this horse.  I had seen him perform this year at two rodeos and he bucked and was no day off to ride.  I really like a challenging horse more then just a hopping horse that you know you can ride and make a great spur ride on.  It shows what a bronc rider is made of and his true ability when they get on this caliber of horse.

I approached Get Smart like I would any other horse and did my usually routine.  After the ride I was some what disappointed in that the horse slipped and cost me some points.  I ended up scoring 73.5 which was luckily good enough to split 5th hole and win some money.  So all in all I managed to salvage the day, always happy when I win money riding bucking horses, no matter how much it is.

After the rodeo I headed for supper at one of the best restaurants in Calgary, The Keg.  It is one of my favorite restaurants and their steaks are to die for.   But until tomorrow take care and be safe.