Hello everybody,

T-minus 13 hours and counting until the greatest outdoor rodeo in the world begins. The Calgary Stampede brings the best livestock, contestants and fans in the world.  I am so pumped for tomorrows events.  To start the day I’m headed to the world renowned Calgary parade. Where close to 400,000 people will be in attendance. Not to mention the many viewers watching from home. I’ll be riding with fellow contestants and most of the Calgary’s committee members. It is really amazing for a guy from Wyoming, where in the whole state there is less people than will be in attendance for the parade. It is great to see everyone in cowboy attire, cheering us on.

 One of the funniest things in my career happened in the 2005 parade here at Calgary.  I was riding along with my Calgary banner that said “2004 World Champion Bareback Rider”.  There were a lot of people watching that apparently had never seen a rodeo, their general assumption was that my banner was a perverted hoax. I received many whistles, laughs and strange looks. At one point there was a group of young ladies hollering their numbers and blowing kisses, it was hilarious, not to mention a little embarrassing. So folks if there are any new rodeo or parade viewers, “Bareback Riding” is actually a prestigious rodeo event. LOL

My fiancee, Charidie, and I look forward to tomorrows events and wish each of the contestants the best of luck. 

Goodnight and God Bless,

Kelly Timberman