Well Luke Tournier showed why he had the best outfit here over the 10 days.  For me personally, I am so lucky to have outrode for Luke  ever since he joined the WPCA in 2003.  It’s a good thing Luke won the truck because he will need it to haul away two beautiful bronzes, the clean drive award, and all the money he made all week.  He hooked his top outfit 8 times this week and won his heat every night,  never finishing  out of the top 3.  He put on a clinic.  My hat is off to the other finalists, Rick Fraser, Reg Johnstone, and Norm Cuthbertson.  For Norm even to be driving after getting kicked in the liver and face a month ago shows the heart of a true cowboy.  As for my fellow outriders, I am so proud of the job they did all week.  Dave Biever came back in Ponoka and never rode better.  Chad Fike, I am so proud of him, he has come so far in 3 short years, he will have a dozen of these titles before he is done.  And Logan Gorst, they had a tough night as a family on Saturday, and for him to put that aside and focus on the job at hand shows the heart of a champion.   I also want to give credit to Luke’s crew at the barn, Luke’s wife Michelle, sons Layne and Quaid, daughter Shalyn, Colby Nichol, and everyone else who helped.  The work they put into those horses, stretching them, bathing them, and getting them ready to perform is a tiring, thankless job, but probably the most important.  They don’t get enough credit.  In closing, I want to thank the Calgary Stampede for putting on such a first class event, and for allowing me to fufill my lifelong dream of being a Calgary Stampede Champion.  Before I go, I just want to mention the job Chanse Vigen did on saturday night when he jumped in Tyler Helmig’s wagon.  That was a selfless act of bravery that Chanse did, that man is a cowboy through and through.  None of Tyler’s horse were hurt and he saved another disaster by doing what he did.  God bless, and we will see you down the Chuckwagon Trail.