Going into the final night I would like to take this time to thank the two most important groups of people involved in our sport; all the chuckwagon fans and all the tarp sponsors.  It is imperative to our sport to have both these groups supporting us as they do. 

I must assume that if you are reading this blog then you yourself are a fan, so thank you.  We need bums in the seats and people cheering on the tarmac.  You being there makes what we love to do a sport.

The tarp sponsors are equally integral in the survival of the sport and if you are one of these people then I thank you again.  Sometimes groups get together and sell memberships much like Heritage Park or Friends of SAIT.  If you have had the opportunity to do this then thank you.  Corporations also sponsor wagons.  Hopefully if your company did, then you got down to the Rangeland Derby and enjoyed yourself.  It’s great watching these groups laughing and eating (maybe drinking) and seriously enjoying our sport.

Being that I have the keyboard, I would like to personally thank Friends of SAIT.  They have supported me the last two years but they have been great promoters of the Stampede and the sport of wagon racing for a number of years.  Great job and I hope to see you next year.

Good luck to my four friends who will be racing for the $100,000 dash tonight.  Whoever emerges the champion will have earned that one.