Last night was bittersweet for a lot of us.  On a personal note, we were lucky enough to win the new truck with Luke Tournier for the best aggregate time after 9 nights.  That is what we were gunning for.  However it was tough to be happy after the wreck we had in heat 7 with Gary Gorst and Tyler Helmig.  Tyler is in the hospital right now and I hope he heals up quick.  I was riding for Tyler last night and it is a helpless feeling seeing a good friend go flying like that.  As for Gary Gorst, I feel so bad for his family.  These horses are like family, and I know how much work and pride the Gorst family puts into these horses.  When they get hurt, its no different than seeing a child or family member get hurt.  Logan Gorst, Gary’s son, was riding with us for Luke Tournier and we could not have been there on that stage without him.  All the same all we can do is rally behind them and hope time will heal the pain.  For those people who think that wagon people don’t care about their horses, I wish you could have seen the whole barn area last night and the tears that were shed by all.  Tonight is the big $100,000 race, we need to regroup and try to put the past behind us.  Thank You.