Well day three of writing a blog, i haven’t done this much writing sense i was in high school, and i usually had someone else do it for me.

The rodeo went well for me yesterday, i won second and that’s what i had to do to make it to Sunday, so i got the day off but i will be helping some friends that are up today Gabe Ledoux and Mickey Gee.  Stockton Graves did what he had to do yesterday he won the round with a 3.5 i was 3.6, and Lee Graves was 3.7, it was an exciting go around.

The rodeo as a whole was very good to watch we got to go to the Calgary Herald Suite and visit with them for a bit and we had a great time.  it is so neat to see the sponsors have fun at the rodeo that to me is one of the most important thing that will help the sport grow.

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Luke Branquunho