Well another exciting day at the stampede Lee Graves whipped it on us  with a 3.6 for first and Tanner Millan has been sticking it on us as well, he has placed good in all three rounds so far.  I split 5Th for a little money but i need to do well today to advance to  Sunday if not it will be the wild card round on Saturday.

I no that i sound like a broken record but the Calgary Stampede is the best rodeo for many reasons but one of the biggest is the people of Calgary that support the rodeo, it is nice to be thought of as a professional athlete and that is how it is in Calgary.  We went to a sponsor party last nice to meet some of the people that make it possible for the cowboys to win the kind of money that we can win and the were so awesome just to talk to and share stories with.  so once again i want to thank Calgary for everything they are doing for the cowboys.

Also thanks to the rodeo committee for making the cowboys feel like we are at home in Calgary.

Thanks again

Luke Branquinho