Every night gets more important as we get closer to the finish.  Mark Sutherland tore up the track last night off the 3 barrel.  My top outfit, Luke Tournier held tough again finishing second on the night.  What a dogfight to get in the final four, the next two nights are crucial.  Kelly Sutherland hasn’t had the greatest week by his standards, has had some penalties and other things, and yet, there he is banging on the door of the final 4.  He is like Tiger Woods in a golf tourney, if he is anywhere close he is dangerous and people are looking over their shoulder.  On a personal note, my dad was in the Tom Baker Cancer Clinic recieving treatment yesterday, and who does he run into signing posters and talking to people but Kelly Sutherland.  He was there all by himself, no press, no fanfare, just taking 3 hours out of a very hectic schedule to go visit people that he doesn’t even know to help them through a tough time.  Say what you want about the King, but that is very impressive and makes you feel good to be a cowboy.  With the new format of the Rodeo, the rodeo contestants are in town for a few days at a time now and it has been fun to hang out with some of those guys.  We had steer wrestler Jason Lahr ride in the wagon this morning with Neal Walgenbach, and then he is in there working.  Luke Branquino, Rodney Burks, Mickey Gee, Ronnie Fields, Will Lowe, Tom Mcfarland, we have been hanging with these guys quite a bit.  All great guys.  Tonight, we head to 1 barrel with Neal Walgenbach to try and make up some time.  Lets go make something happen!