Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Blake Berglund

Blake Berglund at Coca-Cola Stage

Blake Berglund

Blake Berglund's fresh style of country music is unpredictable, intelligent, genuine, and a pleasant surprise, given his hard-rock/pseudo metal background. His grassroots approach has earned him a reputaton as 'the guy who sold 11,000 CDs door-to-door.' Raised in the Moose Mountains deep in Saskatchewan's south east corner, Berglund took his early childhood responsibilites of tending to 200 head of horses as the educaton needed to base his music career around hard work and cultvatng relatonships.

Berglund independently released his ffh full-length album,Realms, in September 2017. BEATROUTE Magazine called it “the most ambitous Canadian country record of 2017 and should certainly be regarded as one of the best.” The progressive concept album touches on non-prevalent themes and is executed through an intelligent lyric and instrumentaton that honour country music traditonalisms. His strength as a writer is balanced with his wit as a performer; garnering a reputaton for extended monologues and outrageous anecdotes preluding songs.

Coca-Cola Stage

Saturday, July 7th at 2:30pm

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