Artist: Brooklyn Payne

The Calgary Stampede is proud to unveil the 2023 Stampede Poster, created by 22-year-old Calgarian, Brooklyn Payne - marking the fifth year of the Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Artist Poster Competition.

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The Poster depicts three Stampede Showriders in their distinctive western uniforms, performing their unique musical ride upon their horses.

“The Stampede continues its commitment to community and youth achievement through the Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Artist Poster Competition,” says Calgary Stampede First Vice-Chair, Will Osler. “To have the 2023 Poster representing the Stampede Showriders, a dynamic team of young equestrians, fits in perfectly with our commitment to supporting youth. Congratulations to Brooklyn on their beautifully detailed artwork.”

When Brooklyn was creating their artwork for the Poster Competition, they said they were inspired by what the Stampede stands for, and the Showriders themselves.

“My first inspiration was the idea of community, which is so central to the Calgary Stampede. The second was the image of the Showriders. There’s something theatrical about them – they put on performances all throughout the Stampede, and they wear a quite visually striking ensemble that I really wanted to try my hand at painting,” says Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a 2022 graduate of the Alberta University of Arts and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting with distinction. They are a recipient of the Board of Governors Graduating Student Award, which honours one student from each department at Alberta University of Arts. Brooklyn is now focused on creating and showcasing their artwork throughout Calgary, Alberta and Canada.

“I want people to look at my poster and see the Stampede’s involvement in fostering local community, especially young people. I’m speaking from experience when I say you don’t know how powerful community is until you’re involved in one.”

As the winning artist of the Youth Poster Competition, Payne receives the $10,000 Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship, generously funded by the Brandon Flock Foundation. The Brandon Flock Foundation provides an additional $10,000 in scholarships to the top eight in the competition annually making the competition one of the largest art scholarships in Canada with $20,000 distributed among the top eight finalists.

Youth across Alberta were invited to enter for their chance to design the 2023 Stampede Poster and participate in a youth achievement opportunity of a lifetime. Successful applicants participated in unique hands-on learning and development experiences, which included one-on-one time spent with local western artists and mentors.