Artist: Kane Pendry

Showcasing the spirit of competition, with a nod to the Stampede’s proud and longstanding relationship with Indigenous peoples, the 2022 Calgary Stampede Poster features the fierce determination and competitive spirit of the Relay Races. The winning artwork in the 2022 Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Poster Competition is the work of 19-year-old Kane Pendry of Edmonton. As the winning artist of the Youth Poster Competition, Pendry receives the $10,000 Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship, generously funded by the Brandon Flock Foundation. The Brandon Flock Foundation provides an additional $10,000 in scholarships to the top eight in the competition annually. As part of the Calgary Stampede’s commitment to youth achievement, the Youth Poster Competition has provided mentorship to young artists since the program was created in 2018. Kane Pendry is the fourth Alberta youth whose artwork has graced the Stampede Poster through the program.     

“I grew so much as an artist trying to find a way to bring this Stampede Poster to life,” says Pendry, adding that the 2022 competition was his third experience with the program. He was inspired to create the artwork that was selected for the poster after a personal experience at the 2021 Stampede. “As an artist, I love the colors of the Relay Racers, and the craftsmanship of the horses. When I had the opportunity to stand just feet away and watch the Relay Racers at last year’s Stampede, I was enthralled by their work. I interviewed the riders after and was deeply affected, hearing the heartfelt stories about how they train and care for the horses. It’s a very holistic sport, yet thrilling.”

The Relay Races have been part of the Stampede’s Evening Show since 2017. This year, the high-adrenaline competition is back on the Stampede track with ten skilled teams competing in two heats of races each night.