b'Calgary Stampede FamilyAppointed Board Members 2021 Elected OfficersMichael BrownShane Doig Lesley Hutcheson Steve McDonough,Will Osler, Stuart OConnor,President & Chairman First Vice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairmanof the Board 2021 Executive Management TeamGreg Kwong Ravinder Minhas Wendy PowellRepresentatives from The City of CalgaryJoel Cowley, Sarah Hayes Theresa Howland Chief Executive OfficerVice-President,Vice-President Foundation Sponsorship, Marketing& Employee ServicesMayor Jyoti Gondek Councillor CouncillorKourtney Penner Dan McLean Jim LaurendeauGraeme RyderLaVonne Walt Vice-President, Vice-President, Vice-President,A Special Thank You Park Planning &Business Services & Volunteer Services, Development Chief Financial Officer Communications & Corporate SecretaryDana PeersMayor Naheed NenshiCouncillor Ward Sutherland Interim CEO, Appointed Director,Appointed Director, January - August, 2021November 2010 - November 2017 -October 2021 October 202132 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 33'