b'Calgary Stampede Family2021 Board of DirectorsDale BefusElizabeth Burke-GaffneyCherie Copithorne-BarnesJennifer Doepker Kari Griffith 7 CALGARY Justin HeskesPaul KavanaghDavid LantzDave Lougheed Sandy OConnor STAMPEDEFAMILYBob ParkPatti Pon Maggie SchofieldJohn Third Kate ThrasherThe Calgary Stampede family ismade up of more than 2,500 passionate volunteers and more than 1,000year-round employees, all of whomgo above and beyond to promotewestern values and create exceptionalWendy TynanTracey Zehlexperiences for everyone.The Calgary Stampede is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that determines the strategic direction of the organization towards the vision of creating a world-class, year-round gathering place.30 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 31'