b'Calgary Stampede PartnersA Special Thank You to our Government PartnersThe City of CalgaryThe City of Calgary is a long-time partner of the Calgary Stampede. Along with providing our 100-year lease and support for our credit facilities, collaboration enables outreach into the community to enhance and support civic activities through the year. Various initiatives at Stampede Park and beyond engage citizens and guests, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the greater community.The City is providing one third of the funding for the expansion of the BMO Centre, which moved forward to completephase two and began the final phase to become the largest convention facility in Western Canada.The Government of AlbertaThe Government of Alberta, through Alberta Culture and Status of Women, supported several Stampede programs and facilities through an operating grant of $6.055 million. These funds provided opportunities for youth to learn about Indigenous culture and sustainability through programs like Stampede School and Journey 2050 and to 6 CALGARY develop performing arts skills to showcase on stage for 10 evenings. The investment enabled 2,500 volunteers to contribute their time and talent toward community spirit and executing a safe Stampede, while $250,000 was specifically directed to enhance guest experience by replacing the primary power line to the Grandstand along with repairing and replacing the roof on Level 5 of this key public asset. In addition, the Stabilize Program supported the planning for a rodeo with international competitors and the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant aided in reopening within restrictions of the pandemic.STAMPEDEThe Province is a one-third funding partner of the BMO Centre Expansion Project. Construction continued withphase three starting in April, on schedule, to double the capacity to host international conventions in 2024.PARTNERS The Government of CanadaThe Government of Canada provided support through the COVID-19 pandemic with income and wage subsidyrelief. The Calgary Stampede appreciates this support, which helped sustain employment opportunities to deliverStampede 2021, and the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) contribution of $33,105 to enable additional employment opportunities during the year. The 2021 Canada Alberta Livestock Feed Assistance Initiative supported the OH and In 2021, the Calgary Stampedes safeStampede ranches with $26,090 of relief due to drought.return to live events was not somethingThe contribution by Infrastructure Canada of matching one third of the funds to the $500 million expansion ofwe could have achieved alone. With thethe BMO Centre enabled construction of the primary build to commence, and the main steel frame began rising support of our many valued partners, upward in Q4 of 2021.our community celebration once again came to life with all of the excitement and vibrancy the Stampede is knownfor. Thank you to those who rode with us.22 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 23'