b'Building Community ConnectionsThe 2021 Calgary Stampede Poster Celebrating Hope, Optimismand Resiliency With grey skies and snow gently falling, it hardly seemed like a day to inspire hope and optimism for brighter days to come. But thanks to the incredible talents of two young women, the striking image of the 2021 Calgary Stampede Poster was able to do just that when revealed to the public in November, 2020. Not only is this a striking image, it tells an extremely important story about the Stampede and our community at this time, said then-First Vice-Chairman of the Calgary Stampede Board of Directors, Steve McDonough. Together we are weathering a significant storm, and its important to find the silver linings and optimism in what we are experiencing and I believe Lexi has captured that in her painting.The powerful work of art was created by 22-year-old CalgarianLexi Hilderman, winner of the Calgary Stampede Youth Poster 3 BUILDINGCompetition. It features a young Fancy Dancer with rainbow ribbons flowing from her regalia, inspired by the image of a young woman named Katari Right Hand from the Siksika First Nation. I was drawn to her story and it became important for me tolearn about her culture and to understand how she feels when shes COMMUNITYdancing, says Hilderman. In developing a relationship with Right Hand and her family, Hilderman learned that she was given the name Npiwa ot piim Akikowan (Rainbow Girl) in 2013, following CONNECTIONSthe southern Alberta floods, representing the hope that comes after a storm. Hilderman incorporated this into her design. I wanted to show her standing strong, looking forward with determination. To me this image is about optimism, and also a representation of youth carrying on their legacy and the legacy of the Calgary Stampedes If the past few years have taughtcelebration of the arts, culture and community.us anything, its that we can makeThe Calgary Stampede Youth Poster Competition is a uniqueyouth achievement program that provides talented young Albertans connections and celebrate with ourwith the opportunity to showcase their talent on a world stage. Winning artists of the Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Poster community in many different ways.Competition receive funding from the Dustin Peers Scholarships, generously funded by the Brandon Flock Foundation. As the winning Whether virtually or in-person, year- artist for 2021, Lexi Hilderman was awarded a $10,000 scholarship. round Stampede activities and celebrations in 2021 stayed true to our roots, creating powerful connections through authentic and entertaining experiences, while preserving and promoting our western heritage, cultures and community spirit. President & Chairman of the Board, Steve McDonough, and 2021 Calgary Stampede Poster artist, Lexi Hilderman unveiling the 2021 poster.12 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 13'