b'Stampede Spirit Shines BrightPop Up Stampede Returns Taking Great Strides with afor Another Year of SpecialUnique Stampede Program Community VisitsWhen it comes to providing unique and memorable experiences for Theres nothing quite like having a team of draft horses in your frontchildren with special needs, the Queens Alumni Committee didntyard to get you into the Stampede Spirit! Horses big and small werelet a global pandemic slow them down. For this intrepid, dedicated part of the 2021 Pop Up Stampede initiative, the second year for thegroup of women, it was just a matter of changing gears. special program led by the Stampedes Community Projects and Development Committee and in partnership with ImmigrantWith safety front of mind, and in partnership with Lasting Strides Services Calgary.Equine Assisted Learning, the committee created a brand newGiddy Up activation, providing personalized outdoor experiences. Two dozen families new to our community were visited at home andTraditionally, Queens Alumni creates and hosts Giddy Up white-hatted in the two weeks leading up to Stampede, giving themexperiences at Stampede Park for hundreds of kids and theira taste of what the Stampede has to offer.families each year. They start with Giddy Up Aggie Days, followed up by a Giddy Up Stampede event, Giddy Up Rodeo, and finally, A quiet moment as a boy and horse get acquainted. Giddy Up Christmas. Each of these experiences provides fun A member of the Calgary Stampede Foundation Education team greets guestsinteractions with animals and other popular Stampedeinterested in taking a walking tour.experiences. With the need for greater safety measures, a new one-on-one experience was created with some familiar aspects,Walking Tours Featuring Stampedeand some brand-new components. Trailblazersand Poop!The Giddy Up Strides activation in the summer of 2021 was all about Stampede 2021 was all about doing things a little differently, helping children experience horse-assisted activities, regardless of and that included the walking tours hosted by the Calgary Stampedetheir abilities. From riding through obstacle courses to pony Historical Committee and the Calgary Stampede Foundationpainting, these uniquely tailored activities helped many kids find a Education team. Led by committee volunteers, the tours in 2021new sense of freedom and self. And families who have, at times, felt needed to be held only on Park and with much smaller groups.isolated and forgotten during the pandemic were able to enjoy a wonderful new program in the fresh air and summer sunshine. Like everybody else, weve had to pivot and design some programs with new safety protocols in mind, explained Dr. Christine Leppard, the Stampedes Historical Specialist.Pop Up Stampede bringing community spirit to new Canadians.Learning to ride with Giddy Up Strides.The tours offered a unique opportunity to see the Stampede through I think once you bring a bunch of cowboy hats, some music and a different lens. The Trailblazers Tour featured tales of the West and some horses, youre almost there. You talk about the inclusivity of it,the legendary people behind the creation of the Stampede. While you talk about the fun that people can have and you talk about theless about history and more about fun facts on environmental community piece, Calgary Stampede Board Member, Maggiesustainability, the Poop Tours were a huge hit with both the general Schofield, shared with media at one pop-up visit. Its really aboutpublic and local media.connecting with the community and people that are coming here from other countries.Celebrating Pop Up Stampede with a Yahoo! A Giddy Up Strides participant meets a new friend. Curious horses earn a big smile from a Giddy Up Strides participant. 10 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2021 CALGARY STAMPEDE REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 11'