Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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It’s cowboys vs. the clock in this event which requires coordination and strength. The steer wrestler waits behind a rope barrier. When he gives the nod, the steer is released and gets a 12-ft. head start. The cowboy chases the steer, then drops from his horse and grabs its horns to bring it to a halt. The steer must be on its feet before being rolled to the ground. Once on its side with all legs extended, the official time is taken. An extra horse, ridden by a hazer, is required to keep the steer running straight.

   Pool A July 7 – 10     

   Pool B July 11 – 14     

Brock Butterfield

Bray Armes

Curtis Cassidy

Luke Branquinho

Riley Duvall

Seth Brockman

Dakota Eldridge

Cody Cassidy

Derek Frank

Ty Erickson

Nick Guy

Stockton Graves

Tanner Milan

Clayton Hass

Josh Peek

Kyle Irwin

Matt Reeves

J D Struxness

Jason Thomas

Tyler Waguespack

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