Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Calgary Stampede

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The bareback rider holds on to the leather handhold of a rigging—a pad wrapped around the horse's girth—as he extends his feet far forward, then rolls his spurs back up toward the rigging. The higher the spurs, the higher the score. The stress on the cowboy’s arm is intense as it absorbs most of the horse's power, but he needs to hold on for at least 8 seconds.

   Pool A July 7 – 10     

   Pool B July 11 – 14     

Caleb Bennett

Tanner Aus

Clayton Biglow

Jake Brown

Ty Breuer

Mason Clements

Richie Champion

Steven Dent

Wyatt Denny

Kaycee Feild 

Cole Goodine

Orin Larsen

Ky Marshall

Clint Laye

Tyler Nelson

Tim O'Connell

J R Vezain

Steven Peebles

Jake Vold

Bill Tutor

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