Most fans of the marching arts know that the 2015 drum corps season comes to a close next weekend at the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships, which are going to be bigger than ever. There are a record number of 19 teams competing in SoundSport on Aug. 8, including several Canadian teams (our own Calgary Stampede Showband, the Diplomats (Ontario), and the McMaster Marching Band), two teams from China, and one from Taiwan! If you can’t make it to Indianapolis to see the drum and bugle corps, SoundSport, and DrumLine Battle teams in action, we’ve put together a list of Periscope accounts to follow for behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-action content from groups and individuals that will be there.

@ShowbandCS broadcasts rehearsals and performances live on Periscope.
The Calgary Stampede Showband, competing in SoundSport and DrumLine Battle competitions, broadcasts performances and rehearsals on Periscope.

Know of other groups and individuals that are broadcasting fantastic content about the marching arts and music education? Let us know in the comments!

1. Drum Corps International (@DCI)

This one goes without saying. The official Periscope of Marching Music’s Major League has been posting scores and other fantastic content all season long from their events across the United States. 2. George Hopkins (@yeaguy)

The Director of the Cadets – known as Hop – started the season by Periscoping entire run-throughs during spring training, giving an unprecedented early season look at the corps’ show.

3. The Cavaliers (@TheCavaliers)

The all-male Cavaliers have been sharing inside looks at their rehearsals and warm-ups this season, including full run-throughs of their show and sectional features.

4. The Calgary Stampede Showband (@ShowbandCS)

These five time world champions of marching show bands and recipients of the Sudler Shield have traveled the globe competing and entertaining audiences. They’ll be performing at SoundSport, DrumLine Battle and at DCI prelims on Aug. 6. Their live broadcasts on Periscope include performances, behind-the-scenes, member commentary, rehearsals, and warm-up footage.

5. Blue Knights (@TheBlueKnights)

The Blue Knights, whose 2014 production “That One Second” was a fan favorite last year are active on social media with Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine. Plus, if you are interested in catching a glimpse of Calgary Stampede Showband alumni in action, this is the account to follow! There are two Showband alumni marching with the corps this year!

6. Carolina Crown (@CarolinaCrown)

Carolina Crown has shared live content from parades, their involvement in a Music For All camp, and warm-ups over the course of the summer.

7. Southeast Sound (@1SoutheastSound)

The pep band for Indiana University Southeast athletics in New Albany, Indiana supports the Grenadiers and added a marching program to their repertoire this year. They debuted as a SoundSport team at DCI Louisville earlier this summer.

8. Pacific Crest (@PCDrumCorps)

Pacific Crest uses Periscope to show the group’s warm-ups with commentary by the man behind the mobile device. They are great at using live broadcasts to explain what is happening and interacting with viewers who make comments.