As part of the Calgary Stampede’s year-round initiatives to keep our home clean, employees participated in the 18th Annual Riverbank Clean-up on Wednesday, May 20.

River Bank Clean Up 2015 029

More than 400 employees collected 1,700 kg of garbage along 3.5 km of riverbank along Stampede Park!


A number of interesting items were uncovered during the Clean-up, including a broken golf club, wooden planks and bits of re-bar.

River Bank Clean Up 2015 078

There was also 300 feet of flexible piping that was brought down from the flood, a massive electronic sign that washed up on the riverbank–and most surprisingly, an old and worn sickle!


The Riverbank Clean-up occurs every spring to remove litter that accumulated over the winter months—this event is about more than just keeping our Park clean, it’s also about working together to keep our Park safe from materials that could harm us and our city’s wildlife.


The Stampede family takes great pride in our gorgeous Park space; we are proud to be stewards of the Elbow River and work tirelessly year-round to be considerate neighbours to surrounding communities. Sustainable Stampede initiatives are crucial to our efforts to provide exceptional experiences for our guests, volunteers and our neighbours.

River Bank Clean Up 2015 037

After spending time collecting garbage and beautifying our home, employees were treated to an afternoon of team building: a lunchtime BBQ!

River Bank Clean Up 2015 060

Our friends from Coca-Cola also stopped by to share a special treat with us…

River Bank Clean Up 2015 085

As a proud sponsor of the Calgary Stampede, Coca-Cola really wanted to provide the FIFA Trophy Tour experience for employees– in spectacular Coke fashion, the Coca-Cola team made a stop to our now pristine Park to share the glory of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy and hand out collectible bottles!

River Bank Clean Up 2015 076