In honour of Cowboy Poetry Week, Sunday, April 19 to Saturday, April 25, we are featuring poems by Doris Daley! Today’s poem is called “Pancakes.”

Born and raised in Southern Alberta ranch country, Doris Daley writes cowboy poetry that celebrates the humour, history and way of life of the west. Doris has been an emcee and featured performer at every cowboy festival in Canada as well as several in the United States, including Texas, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Oregon. In 2004 she was named Best Female Cowboy Poet in North America by the Academy of Western Artists. At the November, 2009 WMA Awards Show, Doris won top honours for Best Female Cowboy Poet and best cowboy poetry CD.

Pictured: A volunteer at a Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfast
Pictured: A volunteer at a Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfast


It was love at first sight when we met at the dance,

A short order cook on the prowl for romance.

We cheered at the rodeo, bet on the chucks

We partied as hard as a bucking bull bucks.

We fueled the affair with big rock and steaks

But love was ignited with his first stack of cakes.

He ate ‘em in the morning

He loved ‘em cold at night

He soaked ‘em down with syrup

And he buttered every bite.

He ate ‘em by the dozen

He chowed ‘em by the stack,

He ate ‘em left to right and outside in

And front to back.


He grabbed them off the griddle,

He ate them out of hand,

He liked ‘em light and fluffy

Folded, flipped or fanned.


He ate ‘em plain or fancy

He loved them dry as hay,

By Thursday he had revved right up to

Twenty stacks a day.


As for love and romance,

By now you may have guessed

We were married in the springtime

At an IHOP way out west.


We’re still eating pancakes

Just not stacked quite so high

Twice a week is plenty…

We’re saving up for this July.