Well, the last month has been an absolute whirlwind for us. The day after returning from Berlin we were busy with an event at Stampede Park and have been going steady since!

One thing that unites our trio, and is a major component of the royalty program, is a love of anything horse related, and we’ve been attending a number of horse events within the last few weeks. We were fortunate enough to spend a week in Lexington, Kentucky at the end of March, and all I can say was WOW! We had the opportunity to tour a few major Thoroughbred farms and racetracks down there and between the acres and acres of rolling green pastures and the barns that looked like castles, they were nothing short of incredible. The horse racing industry in Kentucky has such a rich history and the landscape absolutely matched. Coming from my family’s ranch west of Bowden, which is basically bush country, I was blown away to say the least!

The major purpose of our trip was for Road to the Horse, a world championship colt-starting competition that our coach Jim Anderson was competing and defending his championship title at. The competitors selected two colts each that had been barely touched, and within three days were riding them through an obstacle course. The calibre of horsemanship at the competition was amazing and there was something to be learned from all of the contestants.

April Haley 1

Jim Anderson horsemanship demo in Kentucky.

April Haley 2

Cheering on Jim with our Canadian Flag

Once we got back from Kentucky, we were itching to get out and do something with our royal Princes; Hawk, Kansas, and Snoopy. Our opportunity finally came this week at the Aggie Days Rodeo where we got to do our first official grand entries as royalty. While I was a little nervous going into the arena the first time, my partner Snoopy was full of energy and ready to rock. We’ve developed a bond riding through the winter months and I felt confident that he’d take care of me. We took off like a rocket ship into the arena, and as soon as the national anthem had played and we ran back out, I couldn’t wait to get back in there the next day.

April Haley 3

Waiting behind the chutes for grand entry.

Spring has sprung (knock on wood…we’re in Alberta after all), rodeo season is not far away and I couldn’t be more excited. As our busy season of rodeos and parades approaches, we’re also only 80 days away from the 2015 Stampede. While rodeo season up here never can come soon enough for me, this year will be extra special and I’m so thankful for the opportunities that we have with our royal ponies!

April Haley 4

Stampede Princess Kimberly, Stampede Queen Mick, and me!


Until next time,

Princess Haley