The Calgary Stampede OH Ranch has its first year under its belt and we’ve come a long way. The first order of business was to stock the ranch with tools and equipment and prepare for the arrival of the Angus cow herd. The herd adjusted to their new home and we’ve successfully completed a full season with good results.


During the transition, we lost traditional winter range and had to re-vamp our grazing rotation to get the best use of our grass. As well, sources for year round water were established and new fencing was put in place to assist with next years calving season.

Of course, the flood presented its own set of challenges, damaging the bridges, both in the yard and in one of our north fields as well as some minor culvert damage.  Flood mitigation was completed in time for weaning and shipping calves in late October.


The Stampede events that came through the Ranch this year were all a huge success. The Artist Ranch Project, the Presidents Ride and the Presidents Event allowed our guests to learn about and experience a working ranch. The OH Ranch is positioned to educate and connect with the local community as well as urban audiences and this first year has provided that opportunity.

The support we’ve received from our neighbors has been a real highlight and we’d like to thank them for lending a hand when needed. The ranching community is known for working together and the Stampede is proud to be part of that tradition.

We look forward to incorporating new ideas and opportunities in 2014 to promote our ranching heritage.