This time last week, the Elbow River had crested. We were glued to the news, seeing pictures and video as flood waters raged through Southern Alberta.

On this beautiful Saturday morning, the whole city seems to be bustling with recovery. Downtown power has been restored. Volunteers are gathering all over to help  in Sunnyside, China Town, Erlton and other communities that were devastated by the floods. And against all odds, Stampede Park is starting to look like…well, Stampede. DSCF7994

The BMO Centre is transforming into Western Oasis brought you by the Western Showcase committee and Statoil. Every year, the Western Showcase committee puts together an incredible art show, displaying all manner of creative talent including knitting, crocheting, needlework, quilting, paper crafts, ceramics, rugs and weaving, wood working, dolls and toys, paintings and drawings–even sugar art and cake decorating!


You can come check all of this out in the BMO Centre throughout the 10-day Stampede. Oh and you can also grab a glass of wine in the entirely mosquito-free, air conditioned indoor forest. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? DSCF7999

You want to get your hands on some of this fine art? Get tickets to the Western Art Auction on Thursday, July 11.

It’s all less than a week away. We can’t wait to see you on Stampede Park!