Everyone should have a list of “things to do” before they marry. Not die, that’s too complicated and I plan to live till science proves that we can live forever! I have quite the list of things to do before I marry, some will be much tougher than others to accomplish but good thing I’m stubborn when it comes to things like that! I will give you a sneak peak at my list :

1) Graduate High School ( this is so 2007 😛 )

2) Travel somewhere by myself (Australia changed my outlook on life in a positive way)

3) Travel somewhere with people I love (Obviously Berlin was amazing, and next on the list is somewhere a bit closer!)

4) Go bungy jumping (Thank God I got this one over and done with)

5) Become a Stampede Queen (YEEEEEHAW!)

6) Take over the world… I mean, become a personal trainer 🙂

7) Compete at the Crossfit World Games (this is a two-year plan)

8 ) Meet Ewan McGregor (Don’t ask haha)

9) Compete at the Supremes for reining

10) Record a song or two with my dad (I’m a trained vocalist 🙂 )

11) Go to University

That is just a small piece of stuff that I have wanted to accomplish and some I have, others I haven’t. This last one though is very important, since my whole life I never thought I was “smart enough” or that I wouldn’t be able to find something I would love to do with my life. My family of course thought otherwise, and it took me a while to realize that personal training is my passion. Helping others find out what they are capable of made me realize that this is what I’m great at, and it is something that I need to work on for myself!

To the ladies who want to try out for our Royalty next year, let me let you in on a couple little secrets – It’s amazing for one! And for two, Davis LLP, one of our major sponsors gives us a scholarship at the end of the year. I am over the moon excited about using that when I go back to school next year for Human Kinetics! Thank you so much Davis LLP for supporting us, it makes a huge impact on me to know that there are so many people (outside of our families) supporting us to do what we were designed to do.