Easter weekend at the GM Ranch isn’t just about family and turkey dinner, we have a tradition that involves some extreme cowboys and cowgirls! Originally, friends and family would gather at our place to ride and bring in cow-calf pairs and celebrate my dad’s birthday, which always lands on Easter weekend. Now, friends gather at our place from all over to compete in our bi-annual Extreme Cowboy Challenge.

The competition this spring was a mix of original extreme cowboy obstacles, as well as some gymkhana patterns, with a twist! There were 22 competitors and we all got two runs at the course. The competition is meant to get new riders out and experiencing new things with their horses, but it also challenges the more experienced riders too!







We had a special guest at the competition too! Her name is Betsy… she was so patient all day as we all had to start our run by milking the Holstein!

I love competing in extreme cowboy (or cowgirl) racing with my stallion, Nitro. He has so much heart and is willing to do nearly anything! Our friends love coming to our place too, and my Dad and I get so much joy out of helping new riders and having some friendly competition with the experts!















Nitro and I were lucky enough to get the fastest time this weekend at 2min and 20 seconds! Thanks to my dad and everyone that helped to make this spring’s extreme cowboy challenge so much fun.