Most people would be surprised to hear that HRH the Prince of Wales had a ranch in southern Alberta in the 1920s and was a big fan of the Calgary Stampede, that model trenches were built on park during the First World War, or that several Hollywood movies were filmed at the Stampede in the 1920s and 1930s.  As archivist and historian for the Calgary Stampede, I think I have one of the best jobs on park because my mission is to preserve all these interesting bits of history so that the bigger story of the Calgary Stampede can be told.  Almost every day I get to talk to people about how they’ve been involved and what the Stampede has meant to them.  These conversations open up so many new perspectives for me, along with the images I piece together through historic photographs, documents, or a pair of worn leather chaps.  I’m excited to share the stories that I am privileged to, and to show off some of the great collections we have in the Archives.   Stay tuned!


– By Aimee Benoit, Archivist