Just outside the Big Top tent, you will be able to see John Deere’s 2010 Front-wheel assist Tractor with front end loader and grapple fork that is used on many farms for handling the round bales, manure and other daily chores.

Behind that tractor is a brand new John Deere big round Baler – these bales can weigh up to 900 kg (one ton) and are used to feed livestock and horses. Farmers use this machine to bale such crops as straw and hay.

An innovative machine can also be seen by the Big Top – the John Deere Tracked Tractor which uses rubber tracks instead of tires. The benefits of this tractor are that it makes less of a footprint in the fields (between rows) and causes less compaction than most wheeled tractors.

Inside the tent you will find a vintage crop duster. This plane was used to spray the crops in order to prevent disease and control pests which may adversely affect yield. This plane is provided by the Aerospace Museum of Calgary. Also at this display you can find video and information from the Alberta Aerial Applicators Association.

Also in the tent at the International Agriculture booth you can see a vintage horse drawn rig, provided by Will Irvine. This would have been used by past generations to transport people and supplies before the advent of the automobile. Come check them out!