I was visiting the Agrium Ag-Tivity in the City tent just next door to the Agriculture buildings and wanted to share the amazing variety of agricultural information and hands-on, interactive displays.

At the south end of the tent was the Canola Learning Centre. The huge interactive screen will teach you all about the crop that provides us with everything from healthy cooking oil to an alternative fuel source, biodiesel. You can see the process that transforms canola seed into fuel in the Biodiesel Trailer. Kids can also play in the “seed” box – agriculture’s version of a sandbox, and learn more about one of the most important crops in Western Canada.

Just beside the Canola Learning Centre you will find the Swine display, representing the hog industry. Stop by and talk with local producers who will explain all about the pork industry and you’ll discover how this nutritious food source gets to your plate. You will even get to see pigs of all sizes.

These are just two of the many agricultural education opportunities that are available in the Agrium Ag-Tivity in the City tent – we will tell you more about it in the next blog!